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Southwest Florida Aerial Video Sample

Our Aerial Fleet

We fly several different UAVs ranging in size from 1100mm to 600mm and can carry a variety of high quality cameras depending upon the clients’ needs. This equipment is the same that is used to lift Hollywood film and television production equipment.

Some of Our Work for Clients

Idaho British Car Club – Twin Falls, ID
Shoshone Falls – Twin Falls, ID

Tater Tot Festival – Ontario, Canada

The Plaza Resort – Daytona Beach, FL
Dream Houses of Old Naples – Naples, FL
The Wyndham Resort – Fort Myers Beach, FL
Naples Yacht Charters – Naples, FL
The Pink Shell Resort – Fort Myers Beach, FL
Roy Hobbs Baseball Parks – Fort Myers, FL
Cinco Ceibas Nature Reserve – Costa Rica
Giovanni Photography has always offered aerial photography as one of its commercial photography services. At first photographs were taken from airplanes and helicopters, but in 1998 the we invested in technology using Blimp Cam, an 18ft long helium filled blimp to lift the camera and take photographs remotely.

The Blimp Cam system has been replaced by UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) or ‘drones,’ the latest aerial photography technology, and Giovanni Photography now uses UAS to capture high resolution still photographs as well as high quality 4k video. Because UAS are considered to be “aircraft”, they require special regulations by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) in order to operate in the NAS (National Air Space).

Giovanni Photography is in total compliance with FAA requirements, and on April 18, 2016 was granted the elusive FAA ‘333 Exemption’ that is required to produce any commercial photography or video from a UAS. All UAS doing commercial photography must either have this exemption and Certificate of Authorization (COA) from the FAA or they are breaking the law and could face fines or even imprisonment.

As part of the required FAA exemption, a licensed pilot is required to be on site. The flights cannot be conducted near airports (without approval) or large crowds of people, and various height restrictions. While Giovanni Photography adheres to all these regulations, many other commercial operators do not, and that could be troublesome to clients looking for this service.

Let Giovanni Photography and its 32 years of industry expertise in Naples, FL create an aerial video, or aerial photographs for you today.


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